Lets Play!

So far we’ve covered my history with consoles and also the basic premise for playing the actual game but what about how I play the game?

I play on the EUW servers (European West Servers) and I usually take up the role of support. I was kind of lucky that when I started playing I had a few friends to teach me the ways of League and as such two of us going bot lane made sense and my friend being better than me took on the role of ADC, (Attack Damage Carry) the role of the adc is to farm the minions, get the gold and kill the opposing bot lane champions. So basically the role of support is to … well support their adc. This means stopping the enemy from pushing up the lane to much and generally attacking them to keep them back but not killing them, oh god don’t kill them your adc will flip if you kill steal. Where ever your adc goes, the support will follow. Like  a piece of gum stuck on a shoe don’t leave your team mates side.

For the first few levels that you play you only have the option to play against computer controlled champions or bots.(not to be confused with bot lane.) Although they are no push overs playing this way at first is a good way to introduce you to the mechanics of them the game. It also gives you time to figure out what play style suits you as well as giving you a chance to try out various champions.

So, What are my champions?

At the moment my two go-to champions are Lux and Sona. Without a shadow of a doubt these are my most two played champions.


Lux was one of the first champions I ever used and I learned how to use her a lot easier and more effectively than say, Jinx and other champions I tried at the start. She is also a very good support character as she has ranged attacks that can both stun (Q) and deal damage (E) and her W is shield that protects any allies it comes in contact with, very handy if you need to help out your adc. What makes Lux so fun for me to play with personally is her Ultimate move (R) called the Final Spark. This essentially is a laser beam she fires and it has a lot of range,  a lot of damage and best of it a very short cool down rate. By end game you can be firing this thing off very 30 seconds which makes for a whole lot of fun.

Moving onto Sona then I’ve only recently starting playing her and honestly there’s only two reasons why.

  • She’s a support.
  • Her arcade skin is so freeking cool!
I mean look how cool this is..

I mean look how cool this is..

I’m a sucker for 8 bit/ arcade stuff like this and when I seen this skin I just had to have it. Luckily though Sona is an awesome support and like Lux her abilities are very good at helping out team mates. Her Q delivers a hit to Two nearby enemies, her W gives a health boost to you and surrounding allies, her E gives a speed boost to you and surrounding allies and her Ultimate (R) Crescendo stuns the enemies it hits and causes them to dance, yes Dance. Not only is it strong move, it’s also awesome to watch.

I think that’s enough for today’s blog, To read more into Lux and Sona check the links below:



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So What Is League of Legends?

League of Legends is put simply. VERY addictive, and i’m not the only one who thinks so. Since its release 2009 it has grown massively and as of January of this year it has a reported 27 million users active every month and at least 27 million users per day. Not bad for a free-to-play game if you ask me.

So, what do? the most played game mode is the classic mode on the map Summoner Rift which sees your team of 5 champions face off against an opposing team of 5 players or computer controlled bots with the goal being to destroy the enemy Nexus.

Below is a quick over view of the map and it’s sections consisting of Top lane, Mid Lane, Bot lane and the Jungle Area.

Summoner's rift

Each Champion takes on a role within the team and the standard layout is:

  • 1 champion Top
  • 1 champion Mid
  • 2 champions Bot
  • and the last in the jungle.

In each of the lanes minions from the enemy team travel down the lanes and killing these gives you XP to rank up your champion and within the jungle are other monsters that do this and more.

Wait.. what is a champion?

there’s so much to cover ha. your character, or champion as they are called is who you control and with over 120 to choose from you’ve certainly got a selection. Each character has a different characteristics such as tank, supp , mage etc. and each champion comes with its own set of skills and abilities. Certain champions are also more suited to different positions on the map.

Ok, so that is the map and characters done. Now once the match starts like I said you take up a position and kill or “farm” gold from the minions or by killing an enemy champion. This gold will allow you to purchase weapons, health and other items in the shop to further increase the effectiveness of your champion.

Progressing up or down the map depending on what side you start on you will encounter turrets that will very quickly kill you. allowing your minions in first while you attack it is the most effective way of taking them down.

As the game progresses and you level up more abilities will become available to you either Q, W, E, as these are the buttons you use to attack etc, upon reaching level 6 you can get R, you ultimate attack.Each of these have cool downs so you can’t use them all the time and they can use energy/mana which can run out making sure you use them at the best of times to defeat an enemy.

You also have to spells to cast. D and F on your keyboard these spells include flash (move in a certain direction… well in a flash) others include heal and ghost.

There is still so much more to talk about such as dragons, barons and buffs, but I think this post is long enough for today some I’m going to leave it that for now.

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The Start.

I never really thought of myself as a writer or a blogger but its always something I’ve wanted to try. I’m going to say this from the start… My grammar and spellings can be at times, shocking but we’ll carry on through that as this isn’t what my blog is about.

No, this blog is going to be me commenting on my transition from console user to PC “master race” with direct attention to the PC game League of Legends. So time for a bit of a back story leading up to this sudden change, as far back as I can remember there has always been a console in my house. Growing up the 90’s meant my first console and most beloved item of my childhood was the PlayStation 1. Me and my dad played all the classics, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, Destruction Derby were but a hand full of our favourites. From here I progressed to the PlayStation 2 another treasured gem from my childhood and yes, you guessed right from this it was the PS3 which I still own to this day in fact this will be the third PlayStation 3 I’ve owned but I love it. (Also a side note. Call of Duty 4 will remain the best game ever for that console I was in love with that game and still play it ha) but now I own the latest next gen console the Playstation 4.

If anyone actually reads this you are probably thinking I sound like a spokes person for Sony. Like Samsung or Apple, Coke or Pepsi. Sony is just my personal choice mainly because I was brought up with Sony, I mean I even had one of those Sony pebble Walkman mp3 things… No one had those ha and for those Xbox people out there I did for a period of time own a 360 and it just wasn’t for me.

That’s a quick summary of my history with consoles. So why now have I decided to start playing on my laptop? Honestly it all kind of happened by accident. I still have my PS4 but I rarely use it, I’m 23 at the moment and rent my own place… PS4 games are minimum €70 a pop and that is without the DLC season pass bullshit. Take Destiny for example, loved the open beta played the hell out of it but €105 for the game and season pass now i don’t know about the rest of you out there but my retail minimum wage job does not allow for such extravagant items. It wasn’t like I was desperate to play a new next gen game.. I still have COD4 in my PS3 disc tray.

I came across League through a friend when I went over to his house one night and he was playing. First impression was honestly it seemed kinda nerdy I was never much for the spells/fantasy gamer, me, I was always you’re typical FPS COD fanboy but I said I would download League of Legends and give it a go at this point in time my first thought was “this game will never run on my laptop.” People my laptop is going on 5 years old and if the plug falls out it dies, it’s one of those laptops. Yet surprisingly League runs at a cool 29 frames per second.

Little did I know that this one game would lead to countless others, many late nights and even League jokes within our circle of friends as slowly more of them too join us in playing LoL…

I hope you enjoyed my very first post and from here i will write about my dealings with league from not only the perspective of League Noob but also , a PC Noob.

Until next time…