Customize ALL the Champions

First of all I would like to say sorry for the long delay in between articles. Been very busy in work. Anyways lets get down to it.

Standard new rotation post:


I think Kalista is back up and working again Riot had her down for a bit because she was broken but she seems to fully functional again. I don’t think I’ll really play any of these at the moment I’ve just hit level 29 and just want to get to level 30 so I’ll be sticking to my main champions. Sona, Lux and Blitz with the occasional Miss Fortune and Lucian thrown in.

Rek’Sai is finally out so pretty much very match I’ve played recently has the standard Rek’Sai, Kalista and Warwick Line up. Also the mini map will be destroyed in her tunnel turret things and her Ultimate is pretty fun to watch when she darts from base across the map. Here’s the official spotlight video:

Besides working the only other two things I’ve been doing is watching the LCS expansion (GG Curse and Coast) they were some sick matches and then customizing champions. It’s pretty cool to do, by downloading a simple programme and following some simple-ish steps you can replace the skin files on a champion into something new. Note that only you can see the changed skin in a match you’re character will still look normal to teammates etc Still though It’s a cool little touch and there is some awesome skins to choose from. I first seen the custom skins in this video:

and by following this video:

I now have a Lux that looks like this:



So yeah for more awesome skins check out this website :Custom League of Legends Skins

That’s all for now I’m going back on the grind to reach level 30.

Until Next Time…


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