Gimme Yo Money!

This week in League of Legends saw the introduction of a cops and robbers style skin set which included: Captain Volibear, Constable Trundle, Pickpocket Twitch and Safe cracker Evelynn. All these skins look pretty cool but are only available until 7.59pm December 2nd… Which is.. 40 minutes from now so chances are if you are reading this you’ve missed it. Oh well, lets see what you could have had:

The Good Guys.

The Good Guys.

The Bad Guys.

The Bad Guys.

Moving on, something really interesting which a lot of users have been looking for is finally happening. The Official League of Legends Merchandise Store. Now don’t get to excited it won’t be out fully for awhile but a beta shop should be out soon but more than likely it will be after Christmas at least. They also teased a few of items that will be made available, What do you think?

Get Jinxed

Get Jinxed



I think the store will be a big hit and a huge success for Riot i’m just hoping for an Arcade Sona figure. Also it would be cool if Riot allowed you to use you IP to maybe buy certain items? just a though but we’ll have to see. I just hope they acknowledge the shops such as Etsy that have homemade and personal items where you can pick up some seriously great pieces of League of Legends merchandise, like this Arcade Sona


and the final part for this entry, the champion rotation for this week:


Now even though I don’t play jungle I do know that Warwick is killing it in Jungle at the moment and needs to be balanced but please people. Jungle has changed I know this and i’m still a beginner but dam if I see another Rengar or Kha’Zix killed by a Golem or a Wolf. That’s it for now I’m off to land some sick hooks with my new favorite champion Blitzcrank:


Until Next Time…


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