What’s Going On This Week?

Well it’s been a busy week in League of Legends this week, a week in which I haven’t been playing much due to work etc. (the joys) Here’s a summary of whats new and what you (and I) might have missed out on.

First things first, new champion rotation. Boom. here it is.


The New Champions for the Week

Ahri, Anivia, Jarvan IV, Kog’Maw, Nocturne, Nunu, Shen, Taric, Twitch, and Vel’Koz. Personally I haven’t played a lot of these Champions but I’m most looking forward to playing Vel’Koz just because of the beautiful Purple laser he fires, also I’m going to try Jarvan just because of #SwagFlag if anyone doesn’t know what this is it’s from a some what famous Youtube Personality, The Peace Pigeon, His Casual League series with his clan ObamaCare is good for anyone wanting to watch some entertaining League Videos that aren’t to serious. Check out below.

Also this week the new champion was released, Kalista. I haven’t played her yet, probably won’t until she is free to play either ha, anyways here is her Introduction video:

AND another video this week, ANOTHER new champion already? Riot are spoiling us.

So much to look forward to coming up to the Christmas season, I hope everyone is asking for Riot Points this year because you’re going to need them to have all the newest champions. Best free to play game ever.

Lastly this week patch 4.20 went live and there is not a chance that I will be covering it all, it’s one of their largest patches yet but I will touch on a few things, well, two things. Firstly. The new Summoners Rift is live on all game modes now which suits me since I can’t join or create a Team Builder match as I get an unknown error. To repeat. Best free to play game ever. I’m not complaining, just saying. The other topic I want to talk about it this:


Why would they do this to Sona? actually when I read that they nerfed her I thought it would be a lot worse but after playing her a few times since the patch it’s nothing too drastic so nothing to worry about. She still remains my favorite champion.

Until Next Time…


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