Good News Everyone.

Reading This In his Voice?

Reading This In his Voice?

As covered before the season has ended, but don’t despair in light of this Riot has taken it upon them selves to reward people who have been demonstrating positive behavior. Players who have been good will be awarded in a 4-win IP boost. To qualify for this you will have had to avoid being banned from chat or have had your account suspended in the 2014 season. According to Riot only 1% of the community received a 14 day ban or permanent ban and in a survey of 11,150 players 99.1% had a neutral or positive attitude. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t know who these people in the survey were but I have yet to come across them. It is a rare occurrence were I’ve played a game were someone hasn’t taken upon themselves to abuse the enemy team or their own team mates. To be honest as I play more if a team mate is playing bad I find myself more inclined to give out to them . But hey, I didn’t get restricted or banned so give me dat IP boost Rito,  pls.

What other good news is there in League of Legends this week? well. New Summoners Rift has gone up in both bot matches and team builder matches and my god it is beautiful, It looks like a painting. With upgraded visuals and monsters it is most definitely a step in the right direction. Look at the screenshot below. Magnificent. My only worry is that my laptop will not to able to keep up these tremendous updates but only time will tell.

It's Looking Well

It’s Looking Well

Finally for today, on a more personal note me and my friend are going to start making video/edits for YouTube. Great Right? yes it is, the only problem is I can’t find a stable recording program for my laptop. The poor thing. At the moment I’ve downloaded LOLReplay which hasn’t yet really worked for me and FRAPS which is only recording 30 seconds at a time so not the best start but I will prevail  and so will my laptop.

Until Next Time…


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