Lets Learn Some More, Also Lets Rant A Little.

So I have been playing this game now for a few months (around the time Azir came out) and it only seems to be growing more and more on me. I know that this season has ended and never mind grinding to get to gold or platinum I managed to make it to level 24. success. ha I didn’t really have any ambition to get to ranked I’m just happy playing normal matches until the next season begins.

As mentioned before for the first few levels you can only play against the bots, something which, although good. After awhile you can be began to predict the champions that will be used and the plays they will use. Things get different a lot quicker once you play against other people and this means learning a whole lot more tactics, for example in a bot game you would usually just wait at the turret for minions to spawn, maybe do a dance.simple.

When it comes to a real game you have invading which is pushing up into enemy bushes without being seen leading to a surprise attack or helping the jungler take red/blue buff…. wait red and blue buffs?

Well, within in each jungle on each side are neutral monsters. The Ancient Golem and The Lizard Elder.


Ancient Golem


Lizard Elder

The ancient Golem is often just called ‘Blue Buff’,as killing it will result in a blue effect ring that will be around your champion. Upon killing it you will have increased mana regeneration/energy and cool down reduction. Alternatively killing the Lizard Elder grants a red effect around your champion so is called ‘Red Buff’ and grants bonus true damage and slows enemies for 3 seconds. Got It? because there is still loads more aspects of the game to cover.. just not today.

Ok, so at level 24 now I have a bit of experience under my belt and I found this picture on Twitter that literally sums up what playing League of Legends is like…

All To True.

All To True.

This picture is all to accurate. Playing by myself with four other randomers does have it’s pro’s mainly that i’ll be matched with people at my own skill level (fair) whereas If i play with my friends they are all level 30 ranked Gold etc which means we  get put into matches with others of the same skill level (unfair for me.)

However saying that, No matter how good you play if you’re team isn’t good. You’ll lose. That’s it. League of Legends is very much a team game and it is important that everyone holds their own otherwise cracks will appear that the enemy will exploit and dear god help you if you are the weak link. One other thing you learn very quickly is that the league community is ruthless and that’s putting it nicely ha. The in game chat can be flooded with abusive messages aimed in your direction.

Scrap that, I don’t want to play with random people that will let me down. My trusted friends will lead me to victory? we get on well, we can chat as we play, what could go wrong?……… everything. ha and something else I’ve learned being a support is that EVERYTHING IS YOUR FAULT. Take the adc farm, your fault. Take their kill, your fault. Don’t save them when they rush into a team fight, your fault. Then when you save your allies, heal them? take a death so they can escape. No praise. It’s a tough gig. So even when you team up with your friends it doesn’t mean it will be all smooth sailing.

I think that’s enough for today.We learned about buff’s and I had a little rant about how I need to be appreciated more. GG.

Until Next Time..



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