Lets Play!

So far we’ve covered my history with consoles and also the basic premise for playing the actual game but what about how I play the game?

I play on the EUW servers (European West Servers) and I usually take up the role of support. I was kind of lucky that when I started playing I had a few friends to teach me the ways of League and as such two of us going bot lane made sense and my friend being better than me took on the role of ADC, (Attack Damage Carry) the role of the adc is to farm the minions, get the gold and kill the opposing bot lane champions. So basically the role of support is to … well support their adc. This means stopping the enemy from pushing up the lane to much and generally attacking them to keep them back but not killing them, oh god don’t kill them your adc will flip if you kill steal. Where ever your adc goes, the support will follow. Like  a piece of gum stuck on a shoe don’t leave your team mates side.

For the first few levels that you play you only have the option to play against computer controlled champions or bots.(not to be confused with bot lane.) Although they are no push overs playing this way at first is a good way to introduce you to the mechanics of them the game. It also gives you time to figure out what play style suits you as well as giving you a chance to try out various champions.

So, What are my champions?

At the moment my two go-to champions are Lux and Sona. Without a shadow of a doubt these are my most two played champions.


Lux was one of the first champions I ever used and I learned how to use her a lot easier and more effectively than say, Jinx and other champions I tried at the start. She is also a very good support character as she has ranged attacks that can both stun (Q) and deal damage (E) and her W is shield that protects any allies it comes in contact with, very handy if you need to help out your adc. What makes Lux so fun for me to play with personally is her Ultimate move (R) called the Final Spark. This essentially is a laser beam she fires and it has a lot of range,  a lot of damage and best of it a very short cool down rate. By end game you can be firing this thing off very 30 seconds which makes for a whole lot of fun.

Moving onto Sona then I’ve only recently starting playing her and honestly there’s only two reasons why.

  • She’s a support.
  • Her arcade skin is so freeking cool!
I mean look how cool this is..

I mean look how cool this is..

I’m a sucker for 8 bit/ arcade stuff like this and when I seen this skin I just had to have it. Luckily though Sona is an awesome support and like Lux her abilities are very good at helping out team mates. Her Q delivers a hit to Two nearby enemies, her W gives a health boost to you and surrounding allies, her E gives a speed boost to you and surrounding allies and her Ultimate (R) Crescendo stuns the enemies it hits and causes them to dance, yes Dance. Not only is it strong move, it’s also awesome to watch.

I think that’s enough for today’s blog, To read more into Lux and Sona check the links below:



Until Next Time….


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