So What Is League of Legends?

League of Legends is put simply. VERY addictive, and i’m not the only one who thinks so. Since its release 2009 it has grown massively and as of January of this year it has a reported 27 million users active every month and at least 27 million users per day. Not bad for a free-to-play game if you ask me.

So, what do? the most played game mode is the classic mode on the map Summoner Rift which sees your team of 5 champions face off against an opposing team of 5 players or computer controlled bots with the goal being to destroy the enemy Nexus.

Below is a quick over view of the map and it’s sections consisting of Top lane, Mid Lane, Bot lane and the Jungle Area.

Summoner's rift

Each Champion takes on a role within the team and the standard layout is:

  • 1 champion Top
  • 1 champion Mid
  • 2 champions Bot
  • and the last in the jungle.

In each of the lanes minions from the enemy team travel down the lanes and killing these gives you XP to rank up your champion and within the jungle are other monsters that do this and more.

Wait.. what is a champion?

there’s so much to cover ha. your character, or champion as they are called is who you control and with over 120 to choose from you’ve certainly got a selection. Each character has a different characteristics such as tank, supp , mage etc. and each champion comes with its own set of skills and abilities. Certain champions are also more suited to different positions on the map.

Ok, so that is the map and characters done. Now once the match starts like I said you take up a position and kill or “farm” gold from the minions or by killing an enemy champion. This gold will allow you to purchase weapons, health and other items in the shop to further increase the effectiveness of your champion.

Progressing up or down the map depending on what side you start on you will encounter turrets that will very quickly kill you. allowing your minions in first while you attack it is the most effective way of taking them down.

As the game progresses and you level up more abilities will become available to you either Q, W, E, as these are the buttons you use to attack etc, upon reaching level 6 you can get R, you ultimate attack.Each of these have cool downs so you can’t use them all the time and they can use energy/mana which can run out making sure you use them at the best of times to defeat an enemy.

You also have to spells to cast. D and F on your keyboard these spells include flash (move in a certain direction… well in a flash) others include heal and ghost.

There is still so much more to talk about such as dragons, barons and buffs, but I think this post is long enough for today some I’m going to leave it that for now.

Until next time…..


7 thoughts on “So What Is League of Legends?

  1. Hey man I was wondering if maybe you would like to write for a gaming news/blog site. We cover games like Guild Wars 2, WoW and more. We were wondering if maybe you would like to write about LoL for us. Reply back to this if your interested. Thanks!


  2. yeah I think I would be able to cover the latest news in LoL as well update my own blog. also i’m very new to this website and i’m not sure how to send private messages as i think that would be the best way to give you my email address.


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